1. karezza: prolonged sex avoiding orgasm
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    The symbol: The β€˜&’ symbol is a formation of the letters e and t which is the Latin word for β€˜and.’ You can watch the evolution of the & symbol over at Adobe.com.

    The word: The symbol & used to be the last letter of the alphabet, and so when reciting the alphabet schoolchildren would sing…

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  6. "She was the curviest she could possibly be while still remaining semi-sexy to more superficial onlookers. Her eyes reminded people of dish soap. They were a translucent electric blue, and precisely the same opaqueness and color of the surfactant fluid that came out of the mysterious bottle under the sink. She had an upper-arm tattoo of a gazelle with a pitchfork stabbed into its gut."

  7. Just because you are beautiful, does not mean you are significant.

  8. I would go to Starbucks more often if they all looked like this…

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